Impington Farmer's Market

Thanks to everyone that has come to see us at our first three Farmers' Markets! It's such a lovely atmosphere and we always have a great time - meeting with everyone that's visiting us and seeing how they are able to release the cupcakes from their papers!

We're always working on ways to improve the cupcakes. In July, you may have seen a change to the lemon meringue cupcakes which we think worked really well. Instead of putting a whole meringue on top, we rolled the frosting in crushed meringue! It worked so well the lemon meringue cupcake is my new favourite!

We hope to be regularly installed at the Impington Farmers' Market at the ones coming up are as follows:

August 18th

September 15th

October 20th

If you need to place an order for cupcakes in the mean time, please email us at

See you soon!